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This page is where you can "Sponsor" or "Donate" to our efforts. There are three buttons here with differing amounts. If you make a contribution you will be added to a mailing list and I will e-mail you commentary on a regular basis. Subjects addressed will range from looks at the action in the Financial Markets, individual companies and the major trends in technology. I will also answer your questions to the best of my ability. Questions and comments are welcome and expected. I don't like talking to myself so interaction is encouraged.

If you are wondering why I am doing this there is a bit of an explanation in the About section. If you have questions, send me a note and I will reply in short order.

The primary focus of the content is semiconductor technology. I have a bit of a Wall Street background so some thoughts on the financial markets will also be shared.

The name of this site is INFRASTRUCTURE because semiconductors are the backbone of the world's technology INFRASTRUCTURE. None of this works if we do not have advances in semiconductor technology.

Other plans: INFRASTRUCTURE currently has a workspace on Slack and depending on the level of interest I will open access to that site to all sponsors. The intended purpose of the Slack site is to provide a location where views can be shared, discussed and archived.

I realize Slack is not the only option so other venues are being considered. Suggestions are more than welcome. I know some of the trading/charting sites provide features that are useful to groups. If you have an idea I am more than willing to listen.


There are three links below - $500, $200 and a "Donate' button allowing you to put in any amount you wish.

The coming years are going to be exciting, filled with opportunities and advances. Sign up for the ride because it's going to be really good.

This one is $500.

This link leads to a $200 Sponsorship:

The Donate button does not have a set amount so you can put in whatever amount you feel is appropriate:

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