My name is Carl Johnson and I have published INFRASTRUCTURE in various forms for over 25 years. The business and the site were up and running before the Way Back Time Machine started scanning and archiving webpages.   You can see for yourself:  http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.infras.com

Brief Update 1/15/19

A long time ago this site was subscription based and some might remember when Daily Notes and a Monthly Letter were published for a subscription fee (monthly/annually). Industry conference summaries, a financial market commentary, technology company/sector profiles and a Model Portfolio were regularly featured. A section was devoted to analyzing tech industry metrics, independent forecasts and emerging trends. Occasionally a special report would hit the shelves.

As the subscription model died during the years following the Dot.com bubble my writing became more blogging and blogging sent me to Forbes and a few other places. Forbes seemed to be a nice place to hang a shingle (thank you Eric Savitz for asking me to contribute) but I found the Forbes platform tedious and the pay was minuscule so it was difficult, almost impossible, to justify an all-out effort.

The short version (how do you do that because this is already long?), this site, my publishing, went into a dormant period. Given what I have been through this past year (got sprayed with a fungicide in an orchard and had a major stroke - recovery, if there is such a thing, is quite a challenge) I don't know if can revive it but I am going give it a shot. At the very least I know that it is therapeutic to do a bit of writing - you know, fire up the neurons that remain. Maybe, just maybe, in doing so we can still learn. That's the whole point isn't it?

To be very honest, my interest in the technology world never went away. I couldn't possibly drag myself away from this story (queue Rolling Stones). The evolution of technology is in my blood and what is happening today is exciting, life changing and it is just beginning. Don't get we wrong, there are warts and messy parts but I view that as part of the territory.

I try, every other year or so, to go to tech conferences, visit a few companies and exchange thoughts (I mostly ask questions) with people in the tech business. In fact, every day that I am on-line I chat (via Skype) with a group of people about the action in the markets, the tech industry and many of the companies that were tracked in the daily and monthly publications.

This has been here for a while - a brief, more formal, history of my past:

In 1983 I graduated from Drake University with a B.S.B.A. in Finance/Investments.  I started the investment side of my career at year at Merrill Lynch. I left Merrill and spent a very short time at Piper Jaffray.  After leaving Piper I purchased a Packard Bell computer from Montgomery Ward's, mounted a Bonneville satellite dish on my roof and piped in quotes 24/7 - eventually opening a small hedge fund, After shutting the fund down in 1993 I, and an associate who had run six semiconductor fabs, started INFRASTRUCTURE.

Over the years I have published a lot of material - some good, some bad.  I have made a ton of speeches and moderated numerous panel discussions.  I held the role of Chairman for SEMI's Strategic Business Committee and was very active on SEMI's Southwest Steering Committee.  I am currently a Research Fellow with Coburn Ventures and I will, occasionally, contribute a blog post to Forbes.

Presently I am the sole owner and proprietor of this site.  I am responsible for everything here.

You can find me on LinkedIn:    http://www.linkedin.com/in/infras
And on Twitter: @infras

(and this is another part that went dormant!) As this site fills out the writings and presentations I have made over the years will be available for your perusal.  

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