Monday, January 19, 2015

The Upgrade Dilemma

One of my readers (there is more than one) sent me the link below because he knows I am in the market for a new laptop:

I replied:

Thanks for sending. It’s a formidable chip and a nice platform - even if it is from Dell. I don’t think it matters if someone – actually there is only AMD - tapes out a processor with similar or better specs because the issue of mass production looms ominously. Intel is the PC market.

To me, the most relevant comments are at the end of the article:

“But does CPU really matter at this point? What’s “good enough” in terms of CPU throughput? For that matter, what’s good enough for graphics? Intel and AMD seem to be dialing in on optimizing notebook performance well enough such that flat out performance isn’t the be-all and end-all metric anymore. It’s about performance-per-watt in most notebook designs, and at 14nm Intel’s design and manufacturing muscle is tough competition.”

I feel a serious case of Déjà vu. This debate, “How much CPU is enough?” has been playing out forever.

Yes, I am in the market for a new laptop. Up until this weekend I was seriously entertaining the idea of migrating to a Mac but there seems to be an increasing number of bugs proliferating in Mac software. Perusing the recent blogs of several Apple developers made it very clear that they are not happy campers. By no means am I suggesting that the latest version of Windows is anything to write home about but it is the platform I am the most familiar with.

The laptop I have today is a Sony Vaio running Win7 with an Intel Core3 inside. The machine, despite being ugly, bulky and loud, is almost six years old and still does the things I need it to do. The worst part about it is when it is unplugged the battery life is barely 2 hours – which is basically nothing. Before you ask, I have taken pains to back up the important files I have on this computer because I know it could crap out in a heartbeat.

I really am a cheap bastard when it comes to this stuff.

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