Monday, March 06, 2006

Regional Breakdown of Capital Equipment Market

The 2005 regional breakdown of total semiconductor capital equipment bookings, as detailed in SEMI's SEMS database, is shown in the pie chart below: 61% of all bookings last year were from companies based in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. China is still a small part of the overall picture. $30,104,641 was the total bookings level for the industry in '05. We've heard that bookings have moved up substantially in the most recent quarterly reporting period although there are a few indications that the pace of growth is slowing. I was told that by two people from the industry this afternoon. Add a hair more than 20% to these numbers and you get the same level of equipment bookings recorded in '04. Is that possible? Clearly the first half of this year looks decent. It's the second half that is really questionable. I'll pull together some more charts this evening and post them at the site for subscribers tomorrow morning. Those charts will portray more granularity. Equipment areas that will be charted will include: Mask/Reticle; Wafer Manufacturing; Wafer Process; Expose and Write Equipment; Resist Processing; Etch; Surface Conditioning and Dry; Thermal Processing; Ion Implant; CVD; Sputter (PVD); Inspection and Measurement; Assembly and Packaging; Fab Facilities; Test (Memory, SOC and Logic); Test Related Equipment. Feel free to subscribe if you want all the data. Subscription links are on the left and here:

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