Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Semiconductor R&D Spending Trends

Semiconductor R&D Spending Trends Yesterday SEMI hosted a webcast to present a whitepaper written by INFRASTRUCTURE afflilate Ron Leckie. The paper takes a hard look at the trends in R&D spending in the chip industry. Here is a chart that we will be talking about over the coming days (click on the image if you would like to see a larger version): Is there concern? You bet. Though many will not talk about it publicly, next to the water coolers inside chip, chip equipment and materials companies, one hears the "rest of the story." Frankly, I thought Ron covered the details of his findings nicely during the webcast. Unfortunately the discussion following his presentation danced around the major issues. Typical..... The full paper is available at the SEMI website. It is highly recommended reading for those investing in the sector. Carl

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