Monday, June 27, 2005

Semiconductor Sector Rating Change: Neutral to Boring

Semiconductor Sector Rating Change: Moving from Neutral to Boring The chart below tells the tale:
Maybe the summer months will bring an end to this consolidation. Have to admit, this range in the SOX, about 60 points since December '04, has been pretty uninspiring. The rallies come on during the middle months of each quarter. After a bit of hype and hoopla those that are pounding the table are pushed back under the water by the realities of quarterly reporting season. Of course, the picture below this (see post made June, 16), shows forward earnings for the sector and that leaves a little to be desired. One can get really fancy with the way they interpret this action. In my view it's just a matter of understanding that there is noise. A lot of noise - all the time. Felt like saying something. I will now put my ear back to the ground......

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