Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pass The Popcorn

Pass The Popcorn Watch the movie... It's flying around the web - linked throughout the blogosphere. The message, if you like to think via big pictures, probably has implications for your business. The latest version of the EPIC Movie, the movie that portrays Googlezon taking over the world sometime during the next decade, is out. You can get the movie with a straight download from this link:, If you do not have it you'll need to download and install Macromedia Flash Player to view. If you are really cool and on the cutting edge, you can get it fast through your BitTorrent client at this link:
Pretty cool.......
Think far out... I mentioned the era of the Dwidgetal Device world in the post on May, 27. Today a fellow analyst sent me a link to this article by the Register about a group that has put Skype on a Thumb Drive: As you can probably tell I am quite enamored with what is happening with Skype right now. The business, with an estimated 40 million registered users, is gathering a lot of voices, ears, and most recently available through a plug-in developed by a third party, eyeballs. Paint a picture.... Here's a link that guides you to Free WiFi locations: Free is best. If you choose to pay for access, there are plenty of options. WiFi is everywhere. Intel recently released their survey detailing the top 100 Unwired Cities in America. Link it together. Free WiFi - including the access points that are being funded by municipalities who, in their infinite wisdom, believe their communities should be connected. Add in the WiFi access now being allowed on Airplanes. Skype embedded in a Thumb Drive that before you know it will be dense enough to hold all the things I have on my computer. Skype embedded in a Motorola designed wireless phone. Use the free WiFi to make free VOIP calls via Skype. Toss in a few more dwidgetal devices: A projection keyboard, Bluetooth headset, and you have to wonder if you really need to lug around a laptop. It's all good. Yes, everyone wants to make a phone call. No doubt about it. The problem I see with this is in the business model. How do you make money from a set of services that only requires the user to fork out some pocket change for a few bits of hardware? Have to say, a lot of this reminds me of the trends that gripped tech in the late 90's. "Get a free PC when you purchase an Internet connection!" I suspect we'll learn over the next few years that these transitions will have a huge impact on the profitability generated by INFRASTRUCTURE companies. And when I say INFRASTRUCTURE companies I am not limiting my thinking to the companies in the semiconductor, semiconductor equipment or flat panel display industries. One of the sectors that could, once again, be put on its knees is the telecommunications industry. Dwidgetal Devices..... Enabling communities, companies and countries to connect from anywhere. All for free.... $0.02 for the jar - (Hey! Don't complain! That's more than the cost of making a Skype call to someone on the other side in the world!) Carl

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